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Magnolia Grandiflora


Grandiflora Fragrance 100ml Bottle

Long known as Sydney’s finest florist Saskia Havekes 'dreamt of translating the enigma of flowers into parfum’. Developed with several celebrated noses she finally made this a reality with the launch of two EDP’s each offering it’s own interpretation of the magnificent Magnolia Grandiflora.

Container worked with Moffitt.Moffitt to deliver beautiful primary and secondary packaging that hopefully does both justice. The 100ml glass bottle wears a gradated spray finish topped off with a brushed metal atomiser. The sleeved rigid box is wrapped in laid paper printed with the brands flower motif. It snuggly holds the EDP within and presents a card that explains the characteristics of each scent and the characters behind them.

Tags: Grandiflora | Fragrance | Glass | Secondary

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